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How you feel Vs your objective progress

Now, I know it's human nature to want more and pursuing our passions and the hobbies that we enjoy is only natural. We strive to be better, but how often can we honestly judge our own progress?

It's a topic that I struggle with and know others have felt the same, especially in the realms of training Jiu-jitsu. Sometimes a skilled player will be humbled by someone less experienced, and they can question their worth both in and outside of the gym.

Of course, everyone has off days but occasionally the planets seem to align and your game becomes intuitive. What we've all got to remind ourselves of, is that these days are outliers. Good or bad, our game evolves then these moments give us a chance to learn and reflect upon what we do well and what we need to improve on.

Every school has different requirements for belt promotions. Some require displays of competency on the mats or placing on the podium in competition. Others, following a strict curriculum, plus time served on the mats gets you there. Personally, I think time spent makes the most sense, but belts, promotions and status don't matter nearly as much as you actually enjoying the process.

Be patient. As long as you stay consistent, progress is a certainty, there's no goal out of your reach. While approaching each session having something in mind to work on will only help you improve further, faster.

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