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How do you play?

Active, passive or reactive...

Players have and use 3 different styles throughout rolls. The worst thing to do in a combat sport is to only be one of them. The interesting thing is, the energy dynamic stays the same from bottom or top position.



You pose a constant threat to your opponent

You are working to accomplish a set goal

You are forcing your opponent to play more defensively

You may find a submission, takedown, sweep etc faster than your opponent


You will probably going to gas out faster than your opponent

Often when you attack, you leave yourself exposed



You conserve energy for when you need it


If you’re remain passive for too long, you will get swept, passed and submitted



They took the bait! You can switch between being active and passive to provoke your opponent, the trap, counter or position you setup came together

This style is transitional and will make your opponent think twice before repeating a movement


If you’re always reactive, then you are waiting for your opponent to move. Without the feedback you’re looking for, the fight can stall fast or something you're unprepared for catches you off guard

Try and find the balance that works for you when rolling. Your 'style' will develop with your game over time. Enjoy the back and forth with your training partners.

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