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Embrace the suck

"How long must I suck at this sport?"

"For as long as you want to get better at it"

I have seen this topic crop up time and time again in the BJJ community. For a long time I thought embracing the suck meant just dealing with the fact you're going to get smashed, when in truth it's more a kin to always knowing you'll never know everything.

In a sport that is constantly tested and evolving, the learning never stops. Just look at the progression of leg locks and armbar defence. The systems that people use to break down these patterns for attack and defence are the most adaptive ways to teach and learn but are far from perfect.

Understand that when we lose, there is a reason why. Tapping creates a real life respawn where you can troubleshoot what you did wrong, find what you did well and work on overcoming the error.

By embracing the suck, we will never stop learning.

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