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Creating the angle

When sparring in Jiu Jitsu, each person tries to dominate the inside space, play with the ends of levers and ultimatly submit. But a lot of the time, your what your opponent is doing will determine how you can move.

On the bottom of closed guard, if someone is framing on your chest to stopping you from sitting up and dragging them in with your knees, this needs to be addressed because you can not sweep or submit effectively while they are postured. This is where creating the angle comes in. In the example abocve (frames on your chest in closed guard),you can choose to deal with their hands to break their angle and posture or you can change the angle of your body to beat their frames and their posture. By shrimping and coming up onto your elbow, you remove the obstacle on your chest and win back your own inside space.

Too nerdy? Let me come at it from another angle...

If you are in the bottom of closed guard and have a hand in your opponents collar or on their neck, by shrimping out to one side and reclosing your guard you have left an open space to fill with your opponents broken posture. Now, they are yours to attack.

Creating an angle basically means creating space and filling it, either with your own body or with your opponents body

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